Rainy day

Posted by danielabanatova on March 13, 2010 at 9:38 AM

Dear friends, today is very rainy day. Beautiful day. I love rainy days.

I have to stay home and and can concentrate on my love... bobbin lace.

Since I came back from my trip to South America I have created a two hats. I brought a lot of pictures which will be my inspiration for the future, for my abstracts.

But now I am running little bit out of time. My dear friend Jarmila Kralova (

have invited me to exhibit with her in the April in Czech Republic in Prague. I have promised her, that I would create some hats for this exhibition.

So here I am working on my hats.

This time I chose combination with black. One hat is black and pink, another is black and white and now I am working on yellow and black combination.

I have been thinking for long time to make bobbin lace hats. For some reason I did not start till last year. I did not want to make traditional hats I wanted my hats to be very modern, abstract and original.

This piece I have created under influence of the year 1930. I have listening music form this period of time. And it sound very harmonic and organic to me, I wanted my hats to be on the same waves, to reflect the same harmony which is bringing swing music and be in the same actual in our era too.

I it hard to talk about making bobbin lace. You can talk about making pictures for ages. You can say, why you put this color here and why you are painting roses or this landscape. And then you can talk how you painted this corner of the picture......

With bobbin lace it is very different. You make your design and then you would take bobbins , threads and you will be hard working inch by inch.

Actually it looks like it is more fun to create design. But truth is, it is relaxing and because I do not make my my patterns regular way, I am very creative even when I am actually working on my piece. I have just outlines and that is all. And I am changing patterns and colors, when feel that my first idea was not perfect. This way it is becoming almost a meditation. Design will take its own life and I am just following its flow.

Each hat is original.I am not making another one. I know that each women wants to be original, wants to have something what nobody else have. Therefore I make only one piece of each hat. I am very careful to stay on standard of art .

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